Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today's Weather

For the past few days - actually the past weeks and months, have been incredibly hot! So hot, it was annoying to be outside! But today's weather has changed - it changed into my kind of weather!
From the inside, it looked super cold, but once you set foot outside, it was still hot! Very humid! Yet, I felt sprinkles of water droplets on my skin, and thought, wow! This weather is crazy! Anyway I took a couple pictures of it because it's gorgeous!
By the looks of it, it sure looks like a storm's working its way here. And my friend just texted me that tomorrow there will be a thunderstorm! Ahh! Even better! I love the rain, as if you couldn't already tell, lol! the rain and everything cold ♥

xo, momo.


  1. Thanks! I heard that it was drizzling so I ran outside and snapped a few pictures of the sky right above my house from my phone and posted them! I just had to! It was gorgeous :)