Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's been going on!

Well. First of all - turns out my sister and her boyfriend are considering taking me and my nephew to @themaine's concert this fall with Never Shout Never! Aah! Can you hear me squee? I'm so freaking excited! Hopefully they don't back down on me when the date rolls around! So I have to buy the tickets before they think about doing that! *cross you fingers for me in hopes that my sister's boyfriend gets that day off from work*

And just recently I went to @lisadez's B&N signing in Modesto last Tuesday! It was so awesome! I thought I was going to get there late! Earlier that day I almost thought I wasn't going to get to go! But I did! And no, I haven't started reading Personal Demons just yet! I'm still currrently reading Halo - yes, I know! I'm slow! I blame it on school and ugly homework, lol :) But yes I'm super interested in the book! I'm just trying to find the time to finish it! I want to read it in one sitting that's probably why I don't pick it up during the weekdays! Anyway here's a picture of Lisa Desrochers and I at her signing:   

And what's even more awesome is that Lisa Desrochers posted me up on her blog! Aaah! Check it out HERE! Btw, totally pick up a copy of Personal Demons the next time you're at a Barnes and Noble (:

Otay, well nada much has been going on! Just wanted to do a quick post. Now I'm going to go take a nap! And then wake up to do - yeep! You guessed it, homework :/ bllllAh!

xo, momo.