Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

Ahh! I got the boook! After this post then I'm going to go start it! I'm so freaking excited!  I haven't read a book or anything in a loooong while! So since I just bought it I'm even more excited to submerge myself into the book! Ahh! I'll let all you know when I finish it and what I think about it ♥

xo, momo.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bummed :/

So I emailed my oldest sister and her response is that they can't take my nephew and I :'( I'm so bummed! I have no ride to get to the concert! I mean I haven't gotten the tickets yet, but now I'm thinking my last resort is to ride the bus or something, lol! Ahh! This sucks! I'm still going to try and find a ride, but it's no gurantee! But I hope someone will take us! Ugh :( gag!
xo, momo.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Maine Fall Tour

So The Maine is going to be touring again this fall and they'll be in San Francisco soon and I so want to go but I have no ride - YET! But I really need one because as soon as I find one then I can purchase the tickets before they sell out! And I'm so paranoid I'm thinking they're going to sell out like every second, ahh! I realllllly want to go see them - this will be my first time! Anyway I'm just anxious! I have already asked my oldest sister; I'm just currently waiting for her response! I'm crossing every bone in my body hoping that she'll say YES(:

xo, momo.

So . . . recently

Summer is over - obviously! And school is in session like they say. School's a pain for me. I do well but it's not something that I get extremely estactic about. Anyway, I love google! Lol, it's an awesome tool there for me to look things up and recently I have been using it to look up how to's! So now my blog is fixed and it is looking better - which makes me extremely happy! Well, just checking back in!

xo, momo.