Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Maine's Ticket

It's really late and I so need to be in bed right now! I didn't do this earlier because I was watching the Teen Mom season finale, which was super awesome and sad, lol! But I just have to make one more post before I hit the sheets!


You betcha! It's my ticket to The Maine's Harmony Tour this fall with Never Shout Never, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business, and Carter Hulsey! Actually my date is for next Friday! I cannot wait! It's of course, my first concert EVER! So it's a super big thing. Anyway, let me tell you the story on how I received it. (I'm trying to get this posted before the clock strikes midnight, haha!) So, for this past week, since I ordered the tickets, I've been checking the mail daily for my tickets. And today, for some reason, I just had a feeling that I was getting them. Usually, the mail man gets here at around 3:30pm, but today they he or she didn't get here til around 5:15pm. I got the mail outta the box, skimmed through them real fast, and immediately thought "Awh man! No tickets!" Brought the tickets inside, gave them to my dad to go through them. Went to my room and came back out, my dad says "Molly, isn't this yours? What you ordered?" I look at the piece of paper my dad handed me and it says ticketmaster on the bottom left-hand side! AHH! My tickets! I open the envelope and there are my tickets! I'm so freaking excited! I cannot wait! After this week, I'll soo need to reward myself - and what better way then to go to The Maine's concert? Lol! Anyway, there's my post for the night :) Goodnight friends ♥

xo, momo.

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