Sunday, October 17, 2010

The End of a Read-a-Thon

Well, our weekend is coming to a close and so that means the read-a-thon is coming to an end. Anyway, I'm quite proud of myself because I finished two books. Didn't reach my goal but that's alright, I'll start the other two books tonight! Anyway I originally started this blog to review books and as you can tell, I'm a beginner, so I made a new blog, and so eventually I'll be posting mostly over there. This one will still be here, but I'm not sure what I'll be using it for, if my whole purpose of blogging is for books, lol! Anyway, it will take a while till the blog is up and running seeing that I have a lot of work to do to get it all organized. Anyway back to the purpose of this post - with the help of the read-a-thon hosted by YA Books Reviewed, I'm back on track of reading, lol! So here's my current TBR pile:

I know right! Books that I should have read by now! So the read-a-thon has encouraged me to read more often! So my goal is to finish these before - well maybe before Thanksgiving! Aah! Have I mentioned that Crescendo and Nightshade comes out on Tuesday? Lol! Those are going to the top of this list, lol! So yeah hopefully I finish this stack before Thanksgiving! Well, I want to start Torment tonight - but we'll see because I still have to fold my laundry, shower, and do my homework! Aargh! Happy reading friends!

xo, momo.

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