Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Events

Wow! So for the past--I don't know how many days, I haven't been blogging. And a lot of things have occurred actually. Well, maybe not a lot of big events, but little things here and there everyday that I should have blogged about. Anyway the two biggest events that occurred during the past few days were 1.) Camping and 2.) The State Fair. Camping was a blast! Not many of my sisters went but it was still fun; hanging out with my nieces and nephews! We tried very hard to stay up as long as possible on the two nights that we had there! But we didn't succeed, LOL (; But we sure did do a lot of swimming! At least twice each day! The water was beyond cold! It was freaking freezing! After a few seconds your whole body would go numb! But it was a blast anyway!

Yesterday on Saturday, July 23rd, all my sisters and I went to the state fair to see Martina McBride perform! It was so freakinq awesome! My sisters and I were all being obnoxious and loud and singing along! It was much fun! Martina McBride is freaking awesome! She can so sing! I love her (: Afterwards, everyone headed to go eat--which took a looong while but eventually we all got a few bites here and there. Then we headed to the rides and games to end our night. No one hardly played any games or go on any rides but some of us went on the ferris wheel and then four of us rode this weird ride that flipped us upside down in all kinds of ways! It was the best way to end my night; I felt so courageous and adventurous! Aha! I loved it! I had an awesome time!

xo, momo.

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