Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Night That Changes Eveything

Otay, well this morning at 5:30 I finished reading Lauren Barnholdt's One Night That Changes Everything! The book is amazing! There's this sort of feeeeLing that comes along when you finish reading an awesome book--you feel very satisfied and happy; like you're floating on a cloud and you keep sighing! Well, I'm still in that state but it won't last for long cause tonight I'm gonna read another book called After The Kiss by Terra Elan McVoy! I'm excited for that! Well, anyway I just want to tell everyone--go read the book! After I finish a book like this, I want to tell everyone about it and how I feel about it and all my favorite scenes, but I don't want to ruin it if they're gonna end up reading it anyway, so people, go buy and read the book, then we'll discuss, LOL (;

xo, momo.

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