Saturday, November 13, 2010


I know, I know! I haven't been blogging here as much as usual anymore -  and this blog is probably feeling very neglected, but if you want to check out where I'm spending most of my time, head on over to Books Over Boys - my book blog! That's where I post and update more on a regular basis! Not saying I won't be here at all anymore, just not as often :) Happy reading everyone!

xo, momo.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


OMG! You do not know how looooong I've wait for this book - finally it's here! Yay! I cannot wait to start reading this! I should be finishing it soon :) Just wanted to do a quick post of me with my awesome book! Everyone should get up off their buttocks and go buy and read this book ASAP! If you have yet to read Hush Hush, then go buy it and read it then go buy Crescendo! Lol!

xo, momo.

Brandi's Second-hand Saturday

Brandi over at Blkosiner's Book Blog is partnering with Reading Teen to host her very own Second Hand Saturday! She is looking to clear off some of her bookshelves, get new followers, and share the love!

Here is what she has up for grabs:

Fallen Lauren Kate
The Mark Jen Nadol
Dark of the Moon
Shadow of the Moon
In a heartbeat
Flyaway Lucy Christopher
Rising Shadow
Betrayal by Shields
Angel Star
Karma Bites
Still the one by wells
How to ruin your boyfriend's reputation
Beautiful Malice signed
Dead Until Dark
Over the moon by Daniels
She's so dead to us
fragile eternity
lost for words
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
Angels in Pink: raina's story
Girl in the Arena
Emily Louder than words
Eternal ones
How it ends (wiess)
Along the River (arc trade only)
The Ruby Notebook (arc trade only)
Old Magic by Curley
The Butterfly Effect
Kissed by an Angel: Power of Love
Hanging on to Max
13 is too young to die
Is my Sister Dying
Born Blue by Nolan
The Breakable Vow Clarke
Many Waters
Forever in Blue: The 4th summer of the sisterhood

Head on over to her blog to get the details! Ends Friday the 22nd 12pm EST!